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What is the motherboard of a computer?

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The big difference between one computer and another is not so much the processor as the motherboard – also called the main board or motherboard. Why? Well, because this is where the components and peripherals of the system are managed. Whether it’s Intel, AMD, or any other brand of CPUs, motherboard manufacturers design them to take full advantage of their speeds and features. Still don’t know what a PC motherboard is? Nothing happens, here we explain it to you.

Always keep in mind what we mentioned at the beginning: the main board is not the same as the processor, which is responsible for carrying out all the mathematical calculations. The motherboard who organizes these calculations and their results.

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The efficiency of a motherboard is not measured by a number of powers in itself, and although all the components are necessary, its importance lies in the quality and speed of the buses or “roads” with which it has.

The mechanical approach of circuit board shielding is to use conductive, magnetic, or a combination of both materials to keep the system free from electromagnetic interference.

What is a motherboard and what is it for?

The main purpose of a motherboard is to move power and provide a central place where all of its components can communicate with each other. On its own, your main card doesn’t affect performance at all. However, depending on the chipset (more on that shortly), it may allow for higher performance when paired with other hardware.

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Another important function of the motherboard is to load your operating system. A firmware chip on the main board stores the Basic Input / Output System (BIOS). This very light application is the first thing that loads your computer.

This allows it to read data from your hard drive and eventually load your operating system. It’s there in the name: the BIOS is “basic.” The goal is for all components to recognize each other before loading the operating system.

The functionality of a motherboard is largely determined by the chipset. The chipset on a main card is responsible for handling communication between its various components, and they come from processor manufacturers ( AMD and Intel have a wide variety of chipset options).

Usually, you will see that processor manufacturers release new chipsets along with each new generation. That’s because the chipset is where most of the motherboard innovation happens, allowing users to use more RAM and access features like PCIe 4.0, among other things.

Motherboards also handle a logistical hurdle of building a computer. The design of a motherboard is intentional and places critical power and communication parts close to the components that need them.

our processor, for example, receives power through the motherboard. However, the main board also has a voltage regulator module (VRM) positioned between the power connection and the processor to maintain constant power.

What components does a motherboard include?

There are various motherboard designs and form factors that have been updated over the years for different devices and evolving technology. However, the main cards have a few things in common. All have circuits used to coordinate computer processes and must add a heat sink that absorbs and redrects the heat generated by the processor, thus avoiding excessive heating during use.

The first thing you will notice when you look at any motherboard is that it has many components and connections. Since everything is routed through it, it needs physical contact with almost every component of the computer. That includes power supply, socket for processor and RAM, USB ports, PCI, video and sound cards, and expansion slots.

If you’re using a wireless mouse or external keyboard , you’ll find their connections here along with any other essential accessories you want. This utility is the reason why a motherboard appears to be a ring of connectors, and that is precisely its main function.

Over time, the ports on a motherboard tend to change based on current technology demands. This is why an old main card can have many idle ports from outdated connections .

We will note two essential elements, specifically the processor and the set of integrated circuits responsible for the control of the information. Commonly considered the two most important connections on the motherboard, they make up the backbone of the circuit. Together they are called the chipset : which is responsible for central management of power and processing for all tasks.

Power supplies have also undergone modifications over time and have been adapted according to forms and requirements. This is easily identifiable by the connectors.

A power supply supplies directly to the motherboard, the SSD and HDD units and some video cards that require it for their operation. In turn, the main board feeds the processor and the heatsink fan in charge of cooling it.

A brief history of the motherboard.

The modern motherboard was invented long after the first computers. The latter used to be simpler machines, without the same need to coordinate many processes simultaneously. Before the consumer market took off, there was not much demand for mainstream cards to be mass produced.

This changed when IBM released its personal computer in 1981 , which is why laptops and desktops are called PCs (and refer to being “IBM compatible”). These PCs needed a way to regulate their activity for consumers. In response, IBM developed the first motherboard that made it possible: a chip that took care of all the details while users completed their digital tasks.

The term motherboard became the most popular as the circuit board essentially acted as the mother of all other components in the computer. This is the reason why main board expansions are sometimes called daughter boards.

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