What’s it Like Living in Eastern Canada?

Living in eastern Canada is an awesome experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in life.  The friendly people, fantastic seasons, and delicious food all make this area a wonderland unlike any other.

These are the things most locals mention when they describe living in eastern Canada and why it’s such a popular destination.

More Life-Work Balance

If you decide to live in the major cities, you may see prices go up (like the increased value of homes for sale in Toronto), but most of this area has excellent options that can make life on this side of the country far more enjoyable.

Even large cities like Toronto understand the importance of a work and life balance.  This balance ensures that you can do your job and make money, but you will also be able to go home and enjoy yourself.  The happier you are with this balance, the better life quality and often healthier life habits you’ll have.

Eastern Canada
More Life-Work Balance

Fantastic Range of Seasonal Weather

If you want to experience every season to its best: the east coast is where you should go.  As the snow melts away in the spring, this entire portion of the country is bright and vividly green.  National Parks on the east coast light up and become beacons for hiking, biking, and enjoying time in the fresh air.

In the summer, the heat is mild and allows you to defrost from the rest of the year while enjoying the shoreline.  The beaches in the summer, from Toronto’s islands to the shores of Labrador and Newfoundland, all become hot spots for tourists and locals alike.

In the fall, the trees and greenery shift to gold and red, looking like the season cast a warm glow over the plant life.  The air crisps up, and there are countless fun activities to enjoy, from apple picking to going on drives and taking in the scenery.

Finally, the infamous winter.  Although this season is scarier than the others and has a rough reputation, it’s the best time to be in eastern Canada.  The incredible amount of diversity in scenery, getting to ice skate on rivers and dams, and the fun of coming into a warm home after a chilly day make even the harshest season a fantastic one on the east coast.

Eastern Canada
Fantastic Range of Seasonal Weather

Higher Diversity

If you want diversity, you’ll find it here.  Toronto is the most diverse city on Earth, with over half of its current residents originating from other countries besides Canada.  

Beyond that, there’s a large push for diversity and cultural understanding in the rest of the country.  This allows this area to become a wonderful space for anyone who’s worried they won’t fit in, you can build a home for yourself here.

More Fresh Food Options

There are countless fresh food options in eastern Canada.  Not only are there seasonal farmer’s markets in nearly every town and city, the push for natural and organic foods means that a lot of it is easily accessible and for low prices.

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