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When Will Season 3 Of ‘All American’ Be On Netflix?

All American season 2 is now on Netflix in the United States and the good news is that it will be returning for a third season. However, this will be on Netflix much later next year. When will season three return to The CW and perhaps more importantly, when will All American season three be on Netflix? We’ll see.

In case you’re not familiar, All American is about a young athlete who is recruited to play on the Beverly High School football team.

Season 2 launched on The CW with another 16 episodes between October and March 2020 and finally arrived on Netflix on March 17, 2020.

Some of the big news heading into season 3 include Chelsea Tavares being promoted to regular. Filming for the series’ third season reportedly began in September 2020.

When Will All American Release Season 3 On Netflix?

Fortunately, with The CW releases, they arrive eight days after wrapping up. Every American follows a family calendar each year, so predicting his Netflix launch is pretty simple.

Of course this doesn’t include new shows from The CW (debuted after 2019) but does cover the likes of Black Lightning , Riverdale , The Flash, and more.

Now, we were originally waiting for All American to be a part of The CW’s fall lineup. That has now changed with All American being delayed until at least January 2021. That will mean roughly an additional three-month wait for it to then hit Netflix.

The reason for the delay should be obvious, but The CW’s entire fall title list has been delayed due to production delays due to COVID-19.

That means we currently expect the show to wrap up on The CW at some point. May / June 2021 and will arrive on Netflix shortly after. If the show’s episode count is expanded, we could be waiting until well into the middle of summer.

Will All American Be On Netflix In Other Regions?

You might be wondering if other Netflix regions will receive All American in the near future? Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The series remains unsold in most regions outside of the US, so there is a possibility, but given the topic, it seems unlikely.

Are you looking forward to the third season of All American on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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