The Kissing Booth 3: When Does The Movie Premiere On Netflix

The second part of El Booth de los Besos was one of the successes of romantic cinema in 2020. The film not only ranked among the most viewed on Netflix, but also won various awards, such as the recent Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2020. Fans are eagerly awaiting the third tape in the saga that is already recorded. When is the release?

In recent months, Joey King revealed that the new film was filmed in conjunction with the second and is now ready for distribution. Although he did not want to give more details, he said that Elle Evans, his character, will have “some quite serious challenges throughout the third film.”

In July, Netflix showed a small trailer where Elle, Noah, Lee and Rachel were seen enjoying the holidays around a swimming pool.  These characters will return, although possible additions were not leaked. The truth is that  The Kissing Stand 3 will focus more on the adult choices that the protagonists must make.

Vince Marcello , the director of the youth hit, gave an interview with Creative Screenwriting and explained why he tries to maintain the secrecy regarding the release date:  “The moment you focus on social media, you lead the film into a period of specific time and you lose its timeless quality .  

The Kissing Stand 3: When Does The Movie Premiere On Netflix

At the moment, the only protagonist who spoke out about the launch was Joey King. In July, during the film’s Fan Fest, he announced that the third part will arrive in 2021 . In addition, the author of the novel that inspired the story, Beth Reekles , reported that the book will be released together with the film on Netflix  

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