Where to Get Married in North Carolina (and Get a License & When)


There’s nothing quite like eloping in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. Couples come from all over the United States to elope here because of the picturesque mountain scenery. Some considerations for your elopement are outlined here.


A marriage license is required for any couple planning to tie the knot in the state of North Carolina, and they can be obtained from the county Register of Deeds. If you want to locate the one that applies to your county, go here.

An official marriage license is required before you may legally wed in an elopement, but they expire after 60 days, so if your wedding is months away, don’t rush to get one.

North Carolina is not one of the states that permits self solemnization, meaning that you and your partner cannot exchange vows without the presence of an officiant. A judge or an ordained minister must officiate at the ceremony.

There is a mountain called Roan.

The first of the three mountain balds here is the most accessible and, in my opinion, the best. In the winter, the landscape is especially beautiful thanks to the snow covering the nearby mountains.

It takes 1.5 hours to get there from Asheville.

3/4 Mile Hiking Trail to the Ceremony Site

It’s the Max Patch!

This once-popular venue has lately been altered to restrict weddings to groups of no more than ten guests. The scenery is stunning, but if you go, try to go on a weekday. You should also know that the route there is extremely rough and full of holes. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the current rules and regulations of the park before you visit. Your photographer should be up to date on all of the regulations.

About an hour and fifteen minutes will get you there from Asheville.

The 1.7-mile round-trip hike to the ceremony site.

Toggle Knob Made of Black Balsam

The treeless mountains here are a truly remarkable and unforgettable setting for your elopement. Before you reach the peak, you can enjoy a pleasant wooded region that is perfect for taking gorgeous, diverse photographs.

Driving time from Asheville: Exactly 60 minutes

There is about a half mile of hiking trail leading to the ceremony site.


This is a great way to elope in North Carolina that many people don’t think of! Even if you’re not in a national park proper, you may still enjoy stunning vistas of the mountains, and if you rent a private spot, you won’t have to share with any other hikers.

You can find many other places in North Carolina that also have stunning mountain scenery. Waterfalls, mountains, grand open meadows, and woods among the trees are only some of the numerous options.


While the North Carolina Mountains are beautiful at any time of year, there are a few weather-related things to keep in mind.

The characteristic blue mountain waves are best seen against verdant landscapes in late spring and summer. By that time, the leaves will have returned to the trees, and the temperature will be ideal (not to mention cooler higher in the mountains). Even though it will still rain occasionally, you won’t have to worry about the widespread storms that appear in the spring.

The second most popular time to elope in the Blue Ridge Mountains is in the autumn. Brightly colored leaves as far as the eye can see make for a mystical setting for a secret wedding. However, the oranges and reds make up for the coolness. You should talk to your photographer about when to schedule your elopement to ensure that you pick a date that will land you smack in the middle of the best time frame for seeing all these colors, but bear in mind that the peak time for seeing all these colors is a bit earlier because change in elevation.

Get Married on a Weekday

Weekends are the busiest! Weekends are excellent for an elopement if you don’t mind sharing your special day with a large crowd of strangers and a lack of parking (unless it’s the off season), but if privacy is a priority, consider scheduling your ceremony during the week instead.

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