Why Videos Create More Impact Compared to Photos and How to Use Them Effectively in Your Branding?

It is a well-known fact that people love to look at things that are pleasing to the eyes. Now, knowing that fact, answer this question – would you like to look at a still image or various images of our lives and in motion? The latter, right? Well, if you are considering what is “various images of our lives and in motion”, don’t get confused, we just meant a video.

So, we know that it’s always videos creating more impact on viewers than photos. Have you ever thought about why that is? Today in this article, we are going to look for the answer to the same question. Also, at the end of the article, we’ll discuss some of the ways by which you can use video production effectively as a branding strategy.

Why do videos have a greater impact than photos?

There are a  lot of reasons why videos have a greater impact on the audience than photos. Some of those reasons are listed below.

More Engaging

Since videos are actually a collection of multiple photos, they are more engaging and grab the attention of a viewer more quickly than a still image. Videos are the best way to encapsulate text and an image altogether.

Videos are simple and easy to create

Imagine you want to deliver a lot of information regarding a topic to the audience. If you decide to use a single picture to show all that piece of information at once, it is going to look all clammed up and is definitely not going to look pleasing to the eyes of the viewer. Instead of one single picture that comprises every detailed information you can make a video to explain bit by bit whatever you gotta explain to the viewer. Videos make your work easier by breaking the information into fragments so that it is for you to create the video and communicate better with the audience.

More room for customisation

Pictures are more or less based on the same sets of formats and there’s nothing really unique and special about them, but with a video, the possibilities are endless. You can customise the video as per your needs and make it look more and more unique from the videos that have already been made. When people see something they’ve never seen before they are bound to pay attention to it and hence videos make a greater impact than pictures.

How To Use Videos Effectively In Branding?

The most important field where videos can be used effectively in branding is “Visual Communication”. Visual communication, as the name suggests, is a visual way of communicating with the audience. Videos are a great way of establishing a communication channel with the target audience and promoting your brand. There are hundreds of reasons why visual communication is important for a business; we’ll list a few for you here.

  • Creating awareness for a product or a service.
  • Tackling competition with respect to other similar products or services in the market.
  • Building strong customer relationships.
  • Increasing brand engagement.

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