How to Make Remote Employees Feel More Connected

Connection is the key to an effective remote team. As there is no physical interaction, you must ensure your employees feel more connected to get your job done. This connection between employees can result in better productivity, understanding, and empathy toward each other. Here are a few ways from Team Digiworks to make remote employees feel more connected.

Live working sessions

Everyone has a separate role in a remote team. Therefore, everyone works on their own. However, you can arrange live working sessions sometimes to connect employees. Of course, no one can deny the connection a physical office has. But you can create a similar scenario in a live session where everyone leaves their camera and microphone on. Then, in real-time, members can discuss problems and find solutions. 

Recognize individual and team effort

Recognizing achievement and effort is still one of the best ways to make your team members feel connected. Setting a goal or solving a problem with a remote team takes a collective effort. So, when the problem is solved or the goal is achieved, you should promptly recognize that effort, which will encourage your remote employees for future endeavors. 

Ask for ideas and feedback

Everyone has a role to play in a remote team. So, as an employee, you must make everyone connect with the goal. In that regard, what better way to ask your remote employees for their feedback and ideas? This way, your employees will feel valued and understand that they also have a role to play. Then when you act on that idea or feedback, your employees will feel motivated to participate actively and connect with the team. 

Host casual hangouts or meetings

No matter how well-connected you are online, the actual connection always comes from live interaction. So, even if you manage a remote team, you should arrange a casual hangout or meeting if possible. This way, your team members are more likely to feel connected with the team and each other in real life. This connection will also reflect in the remote team’s joint efforts and individual performance. 

Promote healthy routine and lifestyle

One of the best parts of remote work is flexibility. However, this flexibility often leads to a highly unhealthy routine and lifestyle. This way, the flexibility can backfire, and your employees won’t be able to perform at their highest level. Mental health can get affected by remote work too. Therefore, as an employee, you should help your employees to deal with mental issues. For example, you can start incentives for going out or exercising to promote health in your remote team. 

Open communication is the key

In a remote team, communication is one of the critical factors of success. When you communicate with other members, you’ll be able to explain the goals quickly and what you expect from the team. This open communication not only helps to achieve your goal, but your team member will also feel more connected with each other this way. 

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