6 Good Reasons to Demolish Your House and Start Over

Are you wondering whether to renovate your house or demolish the structure and start afresh? This factor plays a significant role in your decision. Ask yourself a few questions to assess what you want to achieve. Consider the state of your current home or any community restrictions that may affect the project. Examine historical relevance, building quality, and possible demolition setbacks.

But before that, you must understand the difference between complete and partial demolition. As the name suggests, the former refers to the destruction of a structure. On the other hand, partial demolition or renovation includes knocking down some parts while retaining the foundations for remodelling.

There are times when property maintenance is no longer worthwhile. If your building has more problems than your fingers can count, it may be time to demolish it and start over. Several homeowners who have undertaken large renovation projects comment on how much easier it would have been to demolish and knock down rebuild Sydney.

While this is somewhat true, it can be difficult for you to evaluate the financial and technical consequences of remodelling against rebuilding. 

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In this blog, we’ll go over some issues and cover a few points to help you choose between residential demolition and renovation of your current structure.

When Should You Choose Partial Demolition?

  1. The Structure Has Architectural Appeal, Worth, or Significance:

It’s hard to replicate the originality of genuine old structures and thus it’s essential to preserve the structural integrity of the building, both for the exterior charm and interior elements. However, if the property is registered and protected by law, any repair and modification would necessitate prior approval.

  1. Cost Benefits:

Even if a structure is going to be drastically altered, retaining the common elements in place can be less expensive than a total rebuild with concrete foundations, external walls, etc.

  1. Planning Approval:

Building permits for modifications to an existing building (usually attainable under authorised construction) can be easier to obtain than approval for a new apartment. 

  1. Environmental Consequences:

From an “environmental viewpoint”, preserving and reusing existing items is far more economical as it usually consumes less energy than dismantling and starting the construction from scratch.

  1. Construction Guidelines:

You need to adhere to building codes to carry out demolition in Melbourne. However, there is no compulsion to upgrade existing non-compliant parts of the structure if the proposed work will not affect the adjoining components and go against the building guidelines.

When Should You Choose Complete Demolition?

  1.  Faulty Foundation or Other Infrastructure Problems That You Can’t Fix:

Structural issues are crucial aspects that you must take into consideration. Do you notice floor cracks or crumps? Are your walls and ceilings’ structural supports firm and secure?

If you have faced significant structural issues with your home, or if you notice excessive moisture and mould damage in various locations, you may choose to rebuild rather than renovate that section.

On the other hand, a home only requires a complete reconstruction if it has incurred severe damage. If you only detect issues in one room (and the rest of the house is perfect), you should only go for renovation.

Contact a local housing contractor if you are unsure how far the damage has spread.

  1. Local Authorities and Other Institutions Apply Height, Width, and Length Restrictions:

You may wish to demolish and rebuild your home if local HOAs and government authorities restrict you from adding rooms to your home and you dislike the current layout.

However, to carry out a licensed demolition, ensure you know the building installation regulations in your location before proceeding. The building regulations might have changed since your initial construction, or you might have less space to rebuild than you believe.

  1. There Isn’t Enough Space for Additions:

Sometimes your HOA or local authority has no impact on your decision. You should still double-check their requirements, but if you’ve already overloaded your house to the point where you can’t add more corners or rooms, their word won’t matter anymore. You’ll have to demolish to achieve the layout and space you require.

However, please note that if you wish to maintain the existing structure and like the current layout, a reconstruction, for this reason, may not be justified. Instead, consider tearing down some walls or constructing a basement, garage or loft.

  1. Your Building Needs So Many Improvements That It Costs More Than a New House:

Your budget also plays a significant role in your decision. You should probably build a home if substantial improvements cost you more money than a new one.

  1. You Don’t Own a Significant Historic Property, But It Is Has an Old Layout:

An old structure may not last as long as a new one. So, demolish the building and start again if you wish to live in your home for decades. 

However, consider if you own historically significant property. The building might be protected by law and could also have cultural value for your community. Moreover, destroying or changing the structure could result in retaliation.

  1. Offers High Market Value:

Maybe you’d like to sell your home before relocating, but you are aware that the structure depreciates the value of your property. Resale gives you the best time to take advantage of the opportunity to demolish the building and sell the land as a vacant lot.

How Can We Help?

 If you find yourself in any of the above situations, consider going for house demolition. But don’t handle this project alone, and ensure that you hire a professional Melbourne demolition contractor to avoid any mistakes. 

At Merhi Group, we provide affordable demolition services without sacrificing the quality of our work. Our vast experience and knowledge ensure we finish your projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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