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Acne Around the Mouth: Triggers You Might be Missing

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Acne is the worst enemy of many teenagers,  but sadly enough acne is not limited to just those initial years of one’s life. In fact, many people have to fight the nasty fight with acne for their entire life.  While some people get a brief encounter with acne, others have to get the worst of it, and it takes a massive blow to their confidence and social and personal life. If you are tired of acne, especially around the mouth, and would like to know your options, this is just the blog for you! While acne issues can be embedded in family history too, there are many different ways to deal with them. However, facials can treat acne, along with factors like an effective skincare routine and a good diet. If you want to do a deep dive on acne around the mouth, these are the triggers to keep an eye out for.

Top Triggers of Acne Near the Mouth

  • Cosmetic Lip Products: Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the chemicals used in lip products to enable fragrance can cause acne, or make existing acne problems worse. It is especially true if you have sensitive skin. In addition to the chemicals, the wax in the lip balm could also end up clogging pores, leading to breakouts of active acne.
  • Toothpaste: One of the negative effects of sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes toothpaste foamy, is acne. The function of the surfactant SLS is to capture and eliminate any hazardous substances that are accumulated in your mouth. This detergent will ultimately cause your skin to dry out and become irritated. While SLS-based toothpaste may considerably aid in reducing plaque from your teeth, it may also be the cause of your severe mouth sores and acne.  The skin generates more oil to combat the dryness brought on by this sulfate solution, which promotes the growth of acne. SLS may be quite good at cleaning teeth, but it also can be the main reason why the skin surrounding your mouth becomes inflamed. Many companies now understand the importance of using natural and risk-free components in their products.
  • Smoking: On this one, the verdict is unclear. There have been several types of research on the connection between tobacco smoke and acne, but none have come to a clear conclusion. Smoking with nicotine or cannabis, however, may contain qualities that might aggravate mouth acne. For instance, nicotine decreases oxygen flow in the body, which may hinder skin healing, accelerate skin cellular damage, and worsen inflammation. Studies on marijuana are less clear, although some evidence points to the possibility that it may have an impact on hormone levels, increase oil production, and block pores around the mouth.
  • Hormones: Acne on the face and around the lips may be caused by hormonal changes and imbalances. Hormones may cause an increase in sebum production, which clogs your pores. hormonal acne flare-ups are possible when one is in puberty, during certain times of the menstrual cycle, when using testosterone treatments, while pregnant, in menopause, while using steroids, or if one suffers from PCOS. One can also have acne after switching to a different kind of birth control. As it is evident, acne can happen due to a variety of different hormonal inconsistencies, as our skin is a direct depiction of what is going on inside in most cases.
  • Genetics: As mentioned above, some people might have acne issues due to their genetics. Everybody’s skin quality might be different, and genetics has a role to play in that. Certain individuals are predisposed to having an accumulation of oil, dead cells, as well as acne-causing bacteria around their mouth. That does not mean they are doomed to having acne forever though and they can still control it.
  • External Contact:  Due to the dryness of the skin around the mouth, inflammation may quickly occur, which can result in acne. External contact with things like Helmet straps, masks, mobile phones, pillowcases, and razors can easily carry particles that can trigger acne. Ensure that you clean anything that comes in contact with your face properly.

Acne can not only take a toll on your skin, but it also does have a negative impact on one’s mental health if it is a prolonged problem. Acne around the mouth is especially hard to deal with as it’s not necessarily something you can hide. However, finding the triggers can potentially help you contain the situation and bring it under control. Ensuring that you are eliminating the riggers in the bud, whether that is internal or external, can help you make way for healthier skin!

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