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Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer And All Latest News!!

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Last February, Netflix premiered season 2 of Altered Carbon in its catalog, a science fiction series that launched its first chapters in 2018 with many promises to be a benchmark in the genre, but which remained at half gas. In 2019, a special anime titled Reefundandos was launched that told an unpublished story and served as an appetizer for Altered Carbon 2, a second season that was an unmitigated failure and was liked less than the first.

This is the reason why there will be no third season: Netflix has just announced, through Variety, that Altered Carbon 3 will not exist, so the universe based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan is not being explored. In 2018, the first chapters focused on the story of the interstellar warrior Takeshi Kovacs, but played by Joel Kinnaman; in the second season, the character went on to materialize on the small screen, Anthony Mackie.


Why has Netflix canceled Altered Carbon, despite being one of the most ambitious projects in recent years for the platform? The cost of the series would be unaffordable about the number of viewers who would have seen the second season, hence it makes no sense to extend such an expensive product to a residual audience.

To this should be added the price of implementing Covid-19 protocols on the set. Therefore, the streaming service once again cancels a series loved by a part of its users, although this time, with a little more sense than other productions.

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