Best things to do in Cozumel

There are a hundred things to do in Cozumel as it is an exciting tourist destination that holds an extraordinary place in our hearts. Loaded with modern amenities, coral reefs, white sand beaches, and enormous tracks of wild areas, one can call it a Paradise on Earth. With tons of activities above and below the waves, your Cozumel visit is sure to happen in a few years. 

When traveling to Mexico, you should spend some quality time with your friends or loved ones on this Caribbean Island. So let’s look at things to do in Cozumel with your near and dear ones. 

  1. Cozumel Snorkelling Tour: Colombia, Palancar, and El Cielo Reefs

We can make your Cozumel Snorkelling tour worth taking with our specially trained guides. Even if you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, you will have a chance to undertake the fantastic journey of the three famous spots, including Colombia, Palancar, and El Cielo Reefs, which is renowned for the starfish that adorns its white sands. 

  1. Cozumel jeep adventure 

One of the best activities in Cozumel is a Cozumel Jeep adventure with lunch. We offer the tour with a private guide who knows the best-scheduled swimming and snorkeling places without the crowds. We offer jeep adventure to Cenote and Jade Cavern with lunch. You’ll see the amazing beaches and sites away from the resorts. 

  1. Atlantis submarine expedition in Cozumel

With Atlantis Submarines in Barbados, you will have the opportunity to experience the night dive. You’ll get a chance to see the wreck at Felipe Xicotencatl in the year 2000. You’ll also witness the beauty of sea creatures like sharks, stingrays, turtles, lobsters, and colorful schools of fish. 

  1. Sailing Cozumel water in a Catamaran

It is indeed one of the best things to do in Cozumel. The fantastic way to see the infinite things around the Island is by hopping aboard a catamaran. You can either check out the sea life by snorkeling or relax and enjoy your drinks and snacks on board. The water around Cozumel is safe for snorkeling and swimming, with abundant marine life to see.

  1. Cozumel: Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat

Climb aboard a comfortable boat with a professional and friendly crew and drinks on board. A private adventure where you’ll get to see the underwater life without getting wet. A private Glass Bottom Boat tour is worth taking as it will let you closely see the life of marine creatures like turtles, fishes, and coral reefs. 

  1. Scuba Diving in Cozumel

If you are a trained scuba diver, you’ll get to dive at advanced sites like Cathedral or Barracuda, Devil’s Throat, and Maracaibo. Cozumel is famous for its incredible scuba diving and snorkeling, so make sure you dive in the water! If you are interested in Scuba Diving but don’t have any experience, you can visit dive centers in abundance in Cozumel, where you can learn diving. 

  1. Enjoy the Beach Club

There are several beach bars and clubs located on the West coast. These beaches are perfectly turquoise and calm, while beach clubs are bars where you can laze on sunbeds or hire kayaks. Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is one of the good clubs to visit, where you’ll have access to sandy beaches, good seafood, and lots of drinks from open bars. 

  1. Cozumel chef food tour

In this private class, you’ll get a chance to learn the secrets of Cozumel dishes from some famous chefs. You can cook any Mexican dish of your choice and later enjoy it. Here you will be eating like a local as you’ll be able to visit off the usual tourist paths. So, to enjoy authentic Mexican food, you must take the traditional cooking class in Cozumel. 

  1. The famous Cozumel buggy ride

After spending time on beaches and in the water, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of Cozumel Island. We offer Cozumel’s buggy ride, snorkeling, and a fantastic lunch. You’ll be able to cruise the Island and discover the incredible sights of Cozumel in an open-air beach buggy. You’ll get a cooler full of cold drinks and a professional guide. 

  1. Swimming with the dolphins at Cozumel

Another best thing to do in Cozumel is undergoing the unique experience of swimming with the dolphins. You can do this activity at Dolphin-Discovery-Cozumel. You’ll be able to hug and touch dolphins while interacting with them in their natural environment. After this adventure, you are welcome to Chankanaab Park. It is a theme park where you can enjoy nature’s beauty and snorkeling with a huge diversity of fish. So, don’t think it over too much, and join us with your family and loved ones for this unforgettable experience.

  1. Private surfing lessons at Cozumel

You can join private surfing lessons at Cozumel regardless of your skill level or age. Cozumel undoubtedly has the best waves in the Caribbean part of Mexico. There is enough space in the water to practice surfing as the waves are less crowded. There are optimal conditions for surfing on Cozumel, so you can relax if you are a beginner. You can get private lessons from our bilingual instructors and enjoy the rides under your feet. 

  1. Cozumel zipline adventure 

Enjoy a great thrilling experience in a wild zipline adventure in Cozumel. Also known as canopies, the zipline is more than 60 feet above the jungle floor. Before climbing the canopy tower, you will be given all the safety instructions. Take advantage of this adventure of flying high above the ground. 

Along with these fantastic things to do in Cozumel, there are other sports like the Cozumel sea trek, the Chankanaab snorkeling and shore excursion, the Cozumel chocolate workshop, and much more. Once you visit this heaven on earth, you’ll wish this trip would never end. So, instead of looking for a place where you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones, come and visit Cozumel; you will love everything about this Island.

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