Buying generic medicine in India

The medicine online purchase app of Truemeds is the only app that sells convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality with its medicines. This popular app for generic medicine in India guarantees to reduce the cost of medicines by up to 72%. Truemeds works hard to provide a reliable healthcare atmosphere for its customers. 

The medicine online purchase app is registered under the Registrar of Companies (RoC-Kanpur), the government of India. Truemeds sell generic medicine in India with utmost safety for its customers. The medicine online purchase app offers: 

  • Convenient and Time-saving:

Truemeds sell generic medicine in India by providing convenience to everyone. The medicine online purchase app has less complicated features and is a convenient app for the elderly and less educated people as it is simple to use. 

Truemeds is perfect for busy-scheduled people who don’t have enough time to spare from their work-life. The medicine online purchase app takes a maximum of 5 minutes to order medicines. 

  • Safe to Consume:

Truemeds only sells generic medicine that is thoroughly tested and approved by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). This government body examines the effectiveness and quality of medicines to ensure the safety of consumers.

The medicine online purchase app even has its own testing standards. Their clinical studies are repeated on medicine to ensure the safety and effectiveness of generic medicine in India even more. 

With all these testing and approval standards, the chance of you receiving expired, adulterated, diluted, or fake medicines reduces. 

  • Recommended by Doctors:

Generic medicines are self-checked and recommended by certified doctors of the medicine online purchase app of Truemeds. If you have any queries regarding these medicines’ composition, quality, and administration, you can contact the doctors from the app. The service of consultation with doctors on the app about your health or medicines is free of cost. 

  • Range of Choices:

Truemeds supplies generic medicine in India to customers from the top 30 medicine makers. These medicine makers are regulated under the government thus produce great quality medicines.

  • Discount of up to 72%:

The medicine online purchase app offers discounts of up to 72% on medicines. It even offers other occasional promo codes, rewards, and coupons to its customers. This helps customers to purchase generic medicine affordably. 

Why do Truemeds sell generic medicines?

Generic medicine in India is a great equivalent to a brand medicine sold online and offline.

According to CDSCO, generic medicine in India has-

  • The same clinical effect as the brand-name medicine.
  • The same active ingredient as a brand-name medicine.
  • The same use indications, form(injections & tablets), strength, and route of administration(oral or topical). 
  • Made under the same strict standards as the brand name medicine.
  • The same label as the brand-name medicine’s label.
  • Been sold only after patent approval.

Generic medicine in India costs 85% less than branded medicine. Unlike brand medicines, generic medicines don’t have to repeat testing and studies to prove their effectiveness, dosage, administration, and safety. It saves a lot of money, thus costs less.

Generic medicines, unlike brand-name medicines, are not marketed on television, radio, or online apps & websites. With no marketing, manufacturers sell generic medicine in India at affordable rates.

12000 equivalent generic medicines are available for any brand-name medicines. It makes it easier for customers to purchase generic medicines conveniently.

Thus, generic medicines are a better choice for customers in terms of convenience and affordability.

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