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Can I Go to a Dispensary Before My Card Arrives?

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Although recreational marijuana has been legal for sale in Illinois since 2020, becoming a member of the Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP) still presents far more significant benefits that recreational marijuana users can’t legally access. A medical marijuana cardholder can save 30% on their marijuana costs due to various associated perks in a year. For instance, they are expected to pay only a 1% state sales tax, whereas recreational users incur up to 25% in taxes and an additional 6% sales tax. MMJ holders in Illinois can also get better quality marijuana and CBD products to access medical-grade dispensaries. You can check here for a reputable CBD dispensary if you’re looking for top-quality CBD products in their various forms. 

If you’ve been qualified to apply for an MMJ card in Illinois and have gone through the necessary steps, you’re probably longing to start managing your condition with marijuana products soon enough. However, the bad news is that you won’t be allowed to shop with the privileges of an MMJ cardholder in any  legit online dispensary without showing your valid MMJ card. The good news? Your card won’t take long to be processed and issued, and it’s worth the wait. Once you get your card, you’ll now be ready to get into the medical marijuana world. It’s not simple navigating the marijuana market. You’ll need to know the different products, strains, and the correct CBD or THC dosage levels for your particular medical condition. 

To achieve maximum benefits with your MMJ card, you’ll need to be under the guidance of the primary care physician who recommended you and a trustworthy and licensed dispensary. A trustworthy dispensary will ensure that you get the best quality marijuana products passed all safety tests. Read on to find out how to find a trustworthy dispensary for all your long-term medical marijuana needs. 

How to Find a Trustworthy Dispensary for your Medical Marijuana Needs

Buying the best medical marijuana products suitable for your particular needs isn’t like going to a drugstore to get various pharmaceutical products. Marijuana products can be confusing, given how they can be found in broad categories, sources, and quality. As a medical marijuana patient, it’s crucial to find a reputable dispensary you can trust to provide quality products and expert guidance on their various products, including any potential side effects or reactions to any medications. Medical marijuana patients from states where only medical marijuana is legal find it much easier to get reliable and trustworthy dispensaries than in states where recreational marijuana is legal. 

Let’s look at some of the things you should consider when looking for a dispensary to source your medical marijuana products in a state like Illinois, with many dispensaries to choose from. 

  1. Choose a Licensed One Every Time 

A licensed marijuana dispensary shows that they meet all the state’s requirements. As a medical marijuana patient, your medical marijuana needs should meet the required doses to see effective results. This means you have to trust that the percentages of various components on the labels of marijuana products are accurate. For instance, patients with conditions that cause pain, muscle spasms, or nausea should use marijuana products with more THC, while those with seizures, migraines, and mental disorders should use CBD-rich products. You’re more likely to get authentic products with correct labels of THC and CBD in a licensed dispensary. 

  1. Are their Products Fully Tested?

You should be sure that your potential marijuana store products have been thoroughly tested for quality. The dispensary should have effective quality measures that include testing by third-party entities to ensure their product is free from any substances like pesticides or heavy metals that could cause health problems in the future. 

  1. How Comfortable Are you in the dispensary? 

If you’re interested in doing in-person shopping at the store (which is recommended if you’re a first-time user to ask as many questions as you can), shop around while asking the budtender any questions you need to be clarified. Evaluate your general feel about the overall environment and how you judged their services. Your dispensary of choice should have welcoming and helpful staff to guide you through the different marijuana strains and categories available. 

  1. Reviews Are Important 

One of the most effective ways to know a reputable marijuana dispensary is to judge from how previous customers were satisfied. Go through online reviews to get a general idea of how people think their services are and how they respond to disgruntled customers. 

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