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‘Haikyuu’ Season 4 Episode 20 Release Date, Spoilers And What Happens Now

The National Tournament is ongoing and the next episode 20 of “Haikyuu” season 4 will focus on the match between Karasuno and Inarizaki High once again. This will be the continuation of their game when they enter the second set.

Inarizaki has led by many points and Karasuno is doing his best to catch up. It seems that their determination is pushing them to play hard as their opponent was nervous about their attacks in “Haikyuu !!” season 4 episode 20.

Inarizaki Takes Aim At Nishinoya

In chapter 19, Karasuno High was struggling, as it looks like it will now be difficult to reverse the score. Inarizaki was leading by more than 10 points and his opponent’s players are not in their best shape either.

Miya Atsumu has also targeted Nishinoya Yu because he has been playing very poorly. This strategy was working as Karasuno continues to lose points to Inarizaki’s gain. On the other hand, Nishinoya refused to be tarnished by humiliation and returned to court with a new determination.

Now Karasuno is back in the game and fighting. They are slowly catching up and Inarizaki was trying to switch to a new strategy by summoning his team captain, Shinsuke Kita, to the court.

Spoilers – What Happens Now?

“Haikyuu !!” Season 4 Episode 20 was titled “Leader” and according to the plot summary that was posted on Haikyuu’s official website, the rhythm of Inarizaki’s team was broken by Kageyama’s service.

“Karasuno High School gradually breaks the flow of Inarizaki’s domain with Kageyama’s service,” the “Haikyuu !!” reads the synopsis for episode 20 of season 4. “Inarizaki recruits Captain Shinsuke Kita to adjust the disturbed rhythm to Karasuno, who is gaining momentum.”

As mentioned, Kageyama’s services have finally broken the flow of his rival’s play, so they are catching up. On the other hand, they cannot be calm since the captain of Inarizaki has arrived to save his team. At this point, the game was predicted to be close as Karasuno is likely to nullify the score.

Haikyuu Season 4: Release date

In any case, “Haikyuu” season 4 episode 20 will air on November 14, according to Otakukart. The new episode will be available on Crunchyroll.

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