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The Witcher: What The Second Season Script Page Revealed Means

After several weeks of bad news in relation to ‘The Witcher’, the good news begins to arrive, both for the production and for the fans of the Netflix streaming service series. Gone will be the problems they had from the Coronavirus pandemic, delays in filming, and even the injury of the protagonist Henry Cavill, which was reported to be nothing serious.

The virtual event ‘6 Days of Witches’ was a real success for bringing news regarding the second season, such as the logo of the anime film ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’ and the first official photos of the recording set. Fans were once again awarded a highly coveted item.

It is a page from the script of the second season, where important dialogues are advanced and they promise more monsters in the next installment. The first line is a voice-over by Geralt de Rivia: “You followed my every step. But I knocked down others that I passed my way. Why?”. Check out the full page!

A merchant and his wife and daughter seek lodging in a seemingly abandoned village and for good reason: the wife immediately disappears from her car, leaving the daughter covered in blood. Soon, the merchant is also dragged away by a creature that attacks them. “He was meant to end up alone, wasn’t he? So he would finally start to get scared?”, continues Geralt’s voiceover.

The page is cut before it is discovered what happened to the girl and where Geralt is while that happens. Season 2 is being filmed in a secure studio in London, pending the announcement of an exact release date, which at the moment has not been scheduled, but is expected to be in the middle of 2021.

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