Some iPhone 12’s affected by battery issues

  • They would discharge particularly quickly when they are on standby.

Apple’s new smartphones are once again subject to criticism from their new owners. Many of them complain that the battery of their iPhone 12 drains excessively quickly, even when they are not using them.

According to various testimonials posted on the Apple forum, but also elsewhere, the problem would arise even when no greedy application is open in the background. Several users have tried to remedy the problem by disconnecting their smartphone from wifi and 4G, without a result.

“Their battery always drains just as quickly in standby mode.”

While the concern seems to relate only to Apple’s new smartphones, the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro would be the main affected by the battery problem. Owners say it discharges almost 4% per hour, which is a lot, especially for a brand new smartphone.

Several owners indicate that they have contacted Apple after-sales service. Unfortunately, he was unable to help them. The problem would not be material. The explanation would therefore lie in the current version of the iPhone operating system. More than waiting for Apple to release a new update, hoping it fixes the problem.

Since their release, the new iPhones have encountered several problems, including problems with receiving text messages, as well as their screen turning yellow. Fortunately, most of the concerns have been corrected by Apple through a simple update. Patience, therefore.

Alex Canfield

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