Steve Pool Obituary What Happend To Steve Pool?

Steve Pool was an iconic broadcasting figure in Seattle and beyond for four decades; from intern to chief weather forecaster at KOMO 4 it was all part of an unbreakable journey of dedication, talent, and passion that became household names around town and beyond. Unfortunately he died as early-onset Alzheimer’s took its course; we miss him.

How Did Steve Pool Begin His Broadcasting Career?

Steve began his broadcasting career with KOMO 4, starting as an intern while still studying at the University of Washington in 1974. This early exposure set the groundwork for an outstanding broadcasting career which took off shortly thereafter – in 1977 right out of college he was hired full-time by KOMO 4 marking its beginning and continuing journey ever since!

What Roles Does Steve Play at KOMO 4?

Steve made himself invaluable at KOMO 4 with his varied roles at first. From sports broadcasting, hard news reporting, to becoming their chief weather forecaster in 1984 – where his knack was quickly evident to viewers who enjoyed connecting with him over complex information presented clearly to them – as his early career at KOMO 4. Throughout it all was evident of Steve’s adaptability and versatility as an employee of this station. He excelled as both sportscaster and hard news reporter before finding himself the natural choice as the station’s chief weather forecaster by 1984 – where his expertise could connect directly with viewers while convey complex information clearly without losing control.

What Makes Steve Pool Such an Acclaimed Weather Forecaster?

Steve Pool’s outstanding weather forecasting skills were widely acknowledged. Over his long career he filled in for ABC’s Good Morning America over 70 times over that time period; twice featured on Seattle Magazine covers; multiple awards in its “Best of Seattle” poll, twice awarded “Seattle Weekly” newspaper poll; featured as best weathercaster twice by Seattle Weekly newspaper poll as well as being featured prominently as one of several respected figures within broadcast journalism – an additional accomplishment acknowledged with being featured as part of Esquire Magazine in March 2006 issue cemented his place among his peers as one such figure among broadcast media broadcasters.

How Did Steve Pool Impact the Community Beyond Broadcasting?

Steve went well beyond broadcasting; his contributions went beyond broadcasting as well. He was actively engaged in his community by serving on multiple charitable boards, while hosting KOMO 4’s Miracle Network for Children’s Hospital event to showcase his desire to give back and leave an imprintful mark upon others’ lives. Steve demonstrated an innate sense of social responsibility while striving to make positive contributions through these endeavors.

What Legacy Will Steve Pool Leave Behind?

Steve Pool leaves behind an immeasurable legacy of excellence in broadcasting and community service. His ability to inform, entertain and make an impactful difference made him beloved figure throughout Seattle, while serving as an example to young broadcasters and reminding society how media can positively transform lives. His career serves as an inspirational model.

How Has Steve Pool Influenced Seattle’s Broadcasting Landscape?

Steve had an indelible impact on Seattle’s broadcasting landscape with his career. His meteorological expertise combined with an approachable style made for compelling TV viewing and resonated with his viewers, marking an outstanding meteorologist with lasting memories in Seattle and beyond. Steve’s accomplishments show us the value of passion, commitment, and ongoing learning in broadcast journalism.

How Can Aspiring Broadcasters Learn From Steve Pool’s Career?

Aspiring broadcasters can learn a great deal from Steve Pool’s career journey. His rise from intern to weather forecaster highlights the value of seizing opportunities and hard work; his adaptability in taking on various roles at KOMO 4 highlights its need for flexibility; while his community involvement exemplifies their importance beyond reporting news reports.

Steve Pool’s death marks an end of an era for Seattle broadcasting. His remarkable career, marked by professionalism, charisma and deep community service commitment will continue to inspire future generations. We celebrate a life dedicated to excellence in broadcasting as we remember a person so deeply involved in his community who made such an impressionful mark upon its development and fabric.

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