What Is The Release Date Of The Animated Film Slam Dunk?

If you have already seen the anime and you have heard that a Slam Dunk movie is going to be released and you want to know everything, keep reading! Slam Dunk classic manga artist Takehiko Inoue has officially announced on his Twitter that a new animated film is in the works. This news surprises many fans around the world. Especially since the official Slam Dunk mobile game was released last year.

The reason for such an unexpected decision for a new film is unknown. But it could be due to the great success that other animated films like Demon Hunter: The Infinity Train have had in recent times. Stay tuned as more updates are sure to come. Slam Dunk has become a classic for fans, no matter how much they love the sport, and it looks like the franchise is about to make a comeback. Check all the information about the launch of Slam Dunk!

What Is The Release Date Of The Animated Film Slam Dunk?

A new report has made it clear that Slam Dunk aspires to return with a new movie. The movie Slam Dunk has no release date yet. It could very well start in 2021 and has been announced by creator Inoue Takehiko on social media. The artist posted a short advertisement for the film that was later broadcast throughout Japan. At present, very few details are known about the movie Slam Dunk. In fact, no one has joined the project either, but it appears that plans for the return of Slam Dunk are in the works.

It will be the first time in decades that Slam Dunk will perform on the floor. The last part of the anime premiered in July 1995 with a 40-minute movie. The Slam Dunk series ended a year later, having started in October 1993. As for the manga, the series ended in June 1996 after its first publication by Inoue in October 1990.

This new movie could be something of a reboot for Slam Dunk. But others hope the movie has an original story. Inoue is still in touch with his series, so it’s not hard to imagine her writing an original story for this release. But for now, fans will have to wait for more details as Slam Dunk strikes again.

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