Why choose braided brake lines?

For many years, rubber brake hoses were the industry standard for brake lines. The problem with rubber is that, through extensive swelling under constant pressure, the hose will stretch too much and weaken over time. This is the cause of that less responsive ‘mushy brake feel’ that nobody likes.

Nowadays, many people prefer to upgrade to braided brake hoses instead of rubber. Wrapping a Teflon hose in braided steel makes it much more durable, without sacrificing flexibility. So, if you’re thinking about switching to braided brake lines, we’re here to tell you why they’re a good choice.

What are the benefits of braided brake hoses?

Braided stainless steel brake lines have many advantages over their rubber counterparts. Firstly, their higher pressure resistance prevents the inner hose from ballooning to maintain a firm and fast braking response. Secondly, the stronger shield holds up against abrasive wear and tear for longer.

This enhanced durability and consistent performance will help you to save money in the long-term, as you’ll need fewer and less frequent brake hose replacements. As well as being more efficient, braided brake hoses simply look better, coming in a range of colours and finishes for customisation.

You won’t have to deal with unpleasant ‘spongy’ brakes, nor will you have to worry about damage from road debris or moisture. Braided brake lines usually come with an extra polymer coating to prevent abrasion, which also keeps tiny particles out that might slip through the tightly woven steel.

Are braided brake lines worth the price?

The downside of braided brake hoses that makes most drivers or motorcyclists think twice is the higher price tag. You’re paying more for better quality and longevity, after all – these hoses aren’t going to be quite as cheap as a rubber brake hose upfront. However, they’re worth the investment.

Though rubber is initially cheaper, they’ll wear out much faster, and need replacing more often. This can quickly add up over the years. Even though rubber hoses work just fine, braided hoses are the better option for long-lasting braking power, with extra protection against corrosion and damage.

Fully functioning brake hoses are one of the most important parts of any vehicle’s braking system – without them, brakes can fail and cause serious road accidents. Since they’re so essential to keeping drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe, we recommend spending a bit more on higher quality hoses.

Christopher Stern

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