Big World News End Explanation On Netflix

Big World News is available on Netflix. If you want to know the explanation of the ending, keep reading! The finale of Noticias del gran Mundo has penetrated viewers around the world. And it will continue to touch the hearts of international viewers who can access the movie on Netflix. As in a traditional western, the narrative conflict is straightforward. A Civil War veteran cares for a young orphan in 1870 in Texas. However, there are deeper thematic meanings that will naturally affect the way one lives and interprets Paul Greengrass’s production.

Based on the novel by Paulette Jiles, Big World News stars Tom Hanks in the role of Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd. In North Texas, the San Antonio native discovers Johanna, a lost white girl who lived with the Native Americans. When he discovers that the girl has been taken from her deceased parents years ago, Kidd agrees to accompany the girl to her relatives.

Along the way, the gray newsreader discovers that Johanna Leonberger actually prefers to be called “Cicada,” and also learns valuable life lessons from the girl. As the protagonists head south, Kidd realizes that he must return home and finally face the death of his late wife, Maria.

A former soldier, Almay wants to buy Johanna and then runs after her and Kidd. When the duo escape, they run into other obstacles, notably a conservative militia leader, Merritt Farley, who doesn’t approve of Kidd’s progressive thinking. When the protagonists escape again, Kidd must choose his path. He leaves Johanna with her strict and unloving parents and returns home to visit Maria’s grave.

And he believes that he is being punished by God for all that he has seen and done. But, in a final twist, Kidd returns to Castroville, saves Johanna from a life of servitude, and begins a new journey with his adopted daughter. This is the end of Big World News on Netflix.

Kidd’s Internal Conflict Explanation

When Kidd returns to his home in San Antonio, he runs into his old friend Willie Branholme. He learns that Maria died of cholera five years earlier and that Tom Hanks’ character received news of her death while serving in the Texas Third Infantry. From Kidd’s point of view, he believes that God is punishing him, probably for killing men during the Civil War. After all, Maria died in 1865, just when her husband was supposed to be home at the end of the war. The unfortunate twist of fate caused Kidd to lose his mind and has carried a heavy burden ever since.

When he started Big World News, Kidd took a fatalistic viewpoint due to his life experiences. As a result, he initially does not value his time with Johanna. Rather, he sees his journey as a natural extension of his destiny, another punishment from God. In San Antonio, the aforementioned Willie gives her a difficult love. This is both annoying and rejuvenating for Hanks’ character. He has spent the last few years trapped in his thoughts and unable to see the big picture. By looking beyond his misery and forgiving himself, Kidd can resolve his inner conflict and receive a new clarity.

Big World News End Explanation On Netflix

Big World News heralds the end with a mid-movie conversation between Kidd and Johanna. During a moment of peace on the road, the Civil War vet and the young woman translate words, with Mother Nature all around them. When Kidd asks to learn more Kiowa words, Johanna explains that “daum” is the word for earth and she uses her arms to make a larger point in the circle of life. For Kidd, it’s a profound moment, but he suggests that he’s just living “straight-ahead” and “looking for a place to be.”

He even asks Johanna to stop thinking about the past when she seems to remember the German words from raising her. But the young woman has an important life lesson for Kidd, which she remembers at the end of Big World News: “To move on, you must first remember.” At the end of Big World News, Kidd does exactly that by saying goodbye to his wife and returning to Castroville to save Johanna.

What Is The Real Meaning Of The Movie?

Big World News comes down to Kidd’s religious conflict and his spiritual bond with Johanna. The character travels through Texas to read the news to people, while also providing information, making him a budding preacher. The irony, however, is that Hanks’ character feels like God has abandoned him because of what he did and saw during the Civil War. He is so depressed that he cannot imagine a happy life in the future. He believes that he is doing the right thing by traveling online

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