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Do You Want To See A Blue Bloods Season 12 Renewal Happen At CBS?

Is there a reason to be optimistic for a Blue Bloods season 12 renewal in CBS? In this piece, we’ve got a whole lot to say on the subject.

We should start off things by noting this: For the time being, there isn’t any 100% note as to whether or not a season 12 will occur. Are we optimistic? Sure, and there are a number of reasons for that. CBS isn’t the form of network that finishes a lot of their shows in a particular year persistence matters a lot to them! They already have one series for-sure ending in NCIS: New Orleans, and there are some others currently on the bubble think in terms of All Rise, Bull, SWAT, and SEAL Team.

We would assert that Blue Bloods has a better prospect of staying than any of them do, though we’re pretty confident with the SEAL Team. That is a show that has dominated its own timeslot for a decade, also has a big-name star in Tom Selleck, and also is a monster in syndication.

Are the ratings down this season? The brief answer is yes  Blue Bloods is averaging a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic alongside only over 6.5 million viewers. These are decreases of over 15% from the season prior and after being consistent for several years with the ratings, the viewership drops have grown more noticeable. Some other issues include the cost (it’s not economical to film in New York), keeping a massive cast around, along finding a means to constantly bring new stories to the table.

Can we think that we’re closer to the end of Blue Bloods than the beginning? Absolutely, but for today we’re reasonably hopeful for one more time. CBS likely knows this is a hard timeslot to be successful in, and they’d have to actually push themselves to get another replacement. For now, we are cautiously optimistic that the renewal will happen eventually. There is no reason to rush it along.

Do You Want To See A Blue Bloods Season 12 Renewal Happen At CBS?

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