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Has Netflix Already Planned The 50m2 Season 2 Release Date?

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Netflix’s new Turkish production is one of the excellent surprises at the beginning of the year. A man in search of identity, action scenes, romance Everything you need to put together a good series. The last minutes of episode eight doesn’t mark the end of the story, and we assume the writers still have things to say. Season 2 of 50m2 may be already in production? The streaming giant rarely orders several seasons in advance, but it could be that this Turkish fiction is very special.

Finally, the mother of our hero is not dead but it is possible that he will never find her, especially if it is he who is at the origin of the shot that marks the end of the first season. We regret to inform you that unfortunately, Netflix has yet to order 50m2 season 2. You’ll have to be patient, as we believe the streaming platform will seal Gölge’s fate in a month or two.

In reality, even the programming directors still don’t know if they will buy new episodes. As usual, everything will depend on the two hundred million subscribers of the American company. However, one thing is certain: 50m2 has not advanced much in our country. The series did not even appear on the January Netflix show that is published monthly on social media.

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Hopefully, Turkish audiences enjoy the series enough that the streaming giant decides to order season 2 of 50m2. We will closely follow the evolution of the ten most viewed contents internationally, to determine if the new original creation will be renewed. This article will be updated next weekend and we will give a first update on the popularity of the series around the world.

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Has Netflix Already Planned The 50m2 Season 2 Release Date?

It is not that the US firm has not communicated much about the launch of this thriller in Spain that is doomed to failure. It was the same for La Casa De Papel and you know the rest We think that the launch date of season 2 of 50m2 will be in 2022. Production teams will only commit to completing new episodes by early 2022 if they can get to work quickly.

if Netflix decides to order 50m2 season 2 in six months, obviously we won’t be able to find Öztürk Machine next year. At the moment nothing is official yet and we will have to wait as we explained above. The streaming giant loves pulling series out of nowhere and waiting to see if the madness is there. If you see 50m2 in the ranking of the most-watched content in Spain, then you can tell yourself that there is a 90% chance that Netflix will buy new episodes.

Subscribers are very fond of fiction featuring hitmen, as evidenced by the hits of Ava and Proud Maria who have gotten massively drunk all over the world. Waiting to know the premiere date of season 2 of 50m2 on Netflix, discover all our information about the second part of the Winx adaptation.

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