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Shattered Windows, Cracked Foundation, Peeling Wallpaper, And Tin Roof Rusted. Welcome To Servant Season 2 Episode 8 Loveshack.

The Dorothy and Sean show has given way to Leanne and Julian, who, let’s face reality, is just about the most intriguing couple on television. For all those who shipped Juanne, this can be your time. Servant Season 2 Episode 8 attracted the goods in a big way. It also left us with one jaw-dropping question. Who is the other” that she”?

Uncle George and Leanne are still strangely in the home. They are no more under lock and key, so why are they there, especially after the case of Marino. I am always surprised by the sheer audacity of the storytelling. Showrunner Terry Basgallop has literary pitched the principles to the atmosphere. He’s created characters and storylines that defy logic and keep us so intrigued that it verges on obsession.

Uncle George has stayed because he hasn’t seen his Betamax tape/killed Leanne yet. His behavior, which has always veered more ridiculous compared to conventional, is downright frightening in Servant Season 2 Episode 8. Between sharpening knives and ugly crying worse than the very distraught adolescent girl who had only been chucked, George discovered time to amass a menagerie of tchotchkes, set fires, and beat his head against the wall. He was murdered in Season 1. He’s shocking Season two. Until that is, he’s reduced to a sniveling mess when Leanne turned the tables.

Dorothy and Sean find themselves doing what they do best, pretending. Roscoe comes to visit, and the couple invites him to the house, but he fails. Originally, that may appear ordinary for Sean, who knows what he has been through. For Dorothy, this ought to have been very odd behavior. She is delusional, however, and instead sits right down to the snow-covered sofa in the backyard. It’s indicative of Dorothy’s personality as a whole. She can’t see the forest for the trees. She’s correct; a journalist understands every detail irrespective of how little; however, she doesn’t seem to have the ability to use that to her own life. Roscoe has nothing to say and no reason to be there. It’s freezing out and snowing heavily, yet he would like to stay outside. It isn’t until way too late will she get the whole story.

The Church of Lesser Saints has recruited Roscoe. He had been fearful of them when we last saw him. Now he is a believer and says they asked him for a little favor. Maintain the Turners out of the house until sundown. He does not know why he feels better but attributes it to Aunt May and Uncle George. He claims they aren’t like ordinary men and women. They are better. Are they angels or demons? In the end, it doesn’t matter because Leanne can manage anything George attempts.

A wealth of secrets came flooding out between Julian and Leanne. These two could have more layers than any other personality despite originally seeming very simplistic. Leanne’s mother was dreadful. She was a delicate cruel woman who wanted nothing more than a trophy daughter. A glistening crown jewel to point to but ultimately ignore. When Leanne didn’t live up to this image, she used a stronger handon Leanne herself. Things came full circle when Dorothy and Leanne’s news footage has been revealed when she was a child beauty pageant contestant. This time with a furious Leanne.

There is no more speculation; Leanne burnt down her house and murdered her loved ones. She did it out of anger and despair to draw attention from her absentee mother. She only meant to burn her mum’s beloved green dress. She burnt down the whole home. She was a child who had love, and Uncle George and Aunt May seemed to pull her out of the ashes and give some. That love came at a steep price, though–no music, no enjoyment, and certainly no love. Leanne is tired of being someone else’s pawn, though, and tonight, she took as much as she gave.

Julian is lured to her like a moth to a flame. This was a considerably different Julian at Servant Season 2 Episode 8. He has been stripped of his swagger, and all that is left is bone-deep remorse. Rupert Grint’s Julian has been a fan favorite for his snark, but he solidified our appreciation for his acting skills for his vulnerability. He feels rudderless and unworthy to assist. It is a sense he is employed to as we come to discover. He attempts to investigate Leanne’s passion but ultimately finds all of his answers with Leanne herself.

We finally know what his part was Jericho’s departure. Dorothy telephoned him begging for assistance when she became tired and overwhelmed. Instead of coming to help, he purchased medication and checked out for four days, leaving his sister with a dead baby.

Julian blames himself since he dismissed Dorothys call for assistance when Jericho died. He did not come because he had been enjoying what his dealer provided. She had been alone with Jericho’s dead body for four days. When you bottle secrets up and pretend they never occurred, it destroys you. That’s exactly what occurred to Julian. His bravado is simply for show. It’s his mask. It hides the pity and regrets he feels. When he and Leanne join, it releases all of the pent-up emotion, and he finally let’s go. In essence, she treated him up to George treated Sean’s hand.

George’s attack on Leanne was ineffective. The meek woman from Season 1 has been replaced by a confidant lady who doesn’t care what the Church thinks. Will her newfound power be their saving or their passing? We’ve seen Leanne do harsh things before. She callously poisoned a little woman, so watching as George gets runs is no big matter. After setting fire to the rug and standing up to George, he runs out and into the street. Can she cause his injury, or was it just bad timing, and just how did the fire go out so fast?

The music was equally as eclectic as the odd assortment of culinary delights, ostentatious configurations, and enigmatic characters. Impossibly The B-52’s Love Shack seamlessly shared space with the haunting original The Sky Cries by Sarika. This show is meticulous in design, writing, costuming, set design, and functionality. Music is no different.

There is a reunion coming. It will happen when the clock turns. Who’s reuniting with that? I can almost guarantee it won’t be the reunion Dorothy is hoping for but something entirely less favorable. The bell is tolling. For whom it tolls, we don’t understand, but she is coming, and everybody should be scared. Find all our Servant policy here.

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