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Third Season Of You: Penn Badgley In Character As Joe Goldberg Seen Speaking To A New Character.

Pictures show filming ahead for the coming third season of You, with Penn Badgley in personality since Joe Goldberg saw speaking to some other character.

Tati Gabrielle (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) has joined the cast for a character named Marianne, who is charged as a clever, no-nonsense librarian who lives in Joe and Love’s area and does not let much get by her’.

In photographs from filming, Badgley could be seen standing with Gabrielle, whose back is to the camera.

Both of them are wearing face masks, suggesting the cameras were not rolling at that particular moment and their exchange could have taken place between takes.

In a different snap, Badgley is becoming out of a black car – an average glare on his face.

Last January, Netflix verified there will be a third season of You.

Filming started not long afterward, although the pandemic brought production to a standstill before resuming in November.

The official Netflix Twitter account along with the You accounts tweeted an image of Badgley’s Joe Goldberg sporting a mask, which said on it”Hi You”.

Another photo was subsequently posted on to the show’s Instagram story, which started and They Lived Happily Ever After’ which we assume is a nod towards the end of season two.

Despite the setback for its next installment, the series’s co-creator Sera Gamble did not shy away from offering a few clues as to what we can expect from the eagerly-awaited new installment.

She explained that there are lots to come’ with all the newest puzzle neighbors seen at the end of the next year, such as yours.

Gamble made the revelation during a virtual chat with Penn Badgley since they discussed and watched some of the best moments.

Reflecting on a clip where Joe peeks through his fence in the unknown woman, Badgley said: “I wish to ask you about what we’re going to perform here but you can not really tell us”

Gamble then responded: “It is pretty obvious when we were filming this that we were careful not to show too much of her since that job hasn’t been cast yet. But there’s plenty to come with that neighbor.”

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