Katherine Porto Confessed Why She Distanced Herself From Johana Bahamon A Couple Of Years Ago

The personalities have always had a very strong friendship but at one point were distanced by a love interest.

Katherine Porto and Johana Bahamon are two of the most relevant stars in Colombian television.

Porto, for its part, continues to maintain a great career in the world of acting while Johana decided to retire as an actress several years ago to dedicate herself to her charity work, focused on helping people deprived of liberty in prisons and especially to women head of household.

And although they no longer share the same professional interests, the two have maintained a strong and long-standing friendship having met behind the scenes a while ago. But in a new interview, Katherine revealed that a few years ago they had a tough confrontation and even decided to distance themselves.

For years, the reason why their fight had happened had been kept secret, but Porto decided to reveal why while chatting with Andrés Wilches on the AutoStar program. And there she touched on various themes of her personal life.

But what was the reason that led them to separate ? A man. More details in the video above!

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