The most anticipated games in 2022

The last year gave us a lot of small and exciting games, but AAA projects didn’t come to fruition. Instead, some fell victim to their ambitions, and some got hit by the pandemic and remote work; many games were postponed until 2022. 

Now, in the new year, this quarantine no longer seems to be any problem because now all these games are waiting for us here and now, and the releases of many are just around the corner. Also, during quarantine time, you can discover online entertainment such as slots and Live Dealers. It will diversify your gaming experience.

Why do we love computer games? They are:

  • Distract us from our problems;
  • Entertain us;
  • Help us relax and unwind.

Let’s see what innovations will please us in 2022!

Elden Ring 

It is the most anticipated game by players two years in a row. In small steps, Hidetaka Miyazaki develops his formula for the perfect match. In Elden Ring, players can expect a genuinely open and yet not a small world, plenty of bosses, dungeons, and countless amounts of death, pain, and suffering.

The formula of “Open world like Skyrim and everything else like Dark Souls” may refresh the storytelling and exploration elements of open-world games. Even if FromSoftware and George Martin don’t have a revolution, we’ll get another good game in the Souls series, and there’s no doubt about that.

Hogwarts Legacy

It’s even strange that the Wizarding World universe hasn’t had a game released in the last ten years. There were a few projects for mobile platforms and re-releases of old Lego games, but big full-fledged projects haven’t been released since 2011, and those were the duds released for the release of the last “about the boy who survived” movie.

The events of Hogwarts Legacy occur at the end of the XIX century; in the game, we’ll be offered to create our character, choose our favorite department, and go through the school of magic and witchcraft. In addition, we will apply new knowledge in practice during the exploration of the school’s castle and its surroundings.

Lots of spells, potions, magical beasts, and all the things we love the world of Harry Potter so much for are promised. Only Avalanche Software, which has no experience developing such games, has doubts. There is still no exact date of the game’s release, but the developers promise to please us this year.

The Callisto Protocol 

It is a new game by the author of the original Dead Space. After years of work on Call of Duty, Glen Scofield left Sledgehammer Games, created a new studio, and now makes the Dead Space heir in the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe. Yes, the last fact is a bit of a shock, which makes it even more interesting, how what is shown in the trailer clashes with the Battle Royale from PUBG Corporation. However, we think the development of the PUBG universe will be as interesting to watch as playing The Callisto Protocol.

Not much is known about the game. Events occur in 2320 on one of Jupiter’s satellites – Callisto, where the prison colony Black Iron is attacked by an unknown life form. Playing as one of the prisoners, we will try to survive and find out the reason for the attack, the mystery of the colony itself, and, of course, what secrets the second largest satellite of Jupiter hides.

For the record, scientists suggest that there is an ocean under the surface of Callisto, and along with Jupiter’s other satellites, Europa and Ganymede, there is every chance of encountering microbial life. Moreover, by the 2040s, it may be possible to colonize Callisto, facilitated by the lack of geological activity and remoteness from Jupiter’s radiation. We hope to find out whether this will be somehow reflected in the game this year.

Crossfire X 

For the most part, we’re waiting for CrossfireX for the story mode, which is being worked on by Remedy Entertainment, the authors of Alan Wake and Control. There will be two significant operations available at launch, each consisting of several episodes. At the center of the plot is a conflict between two private military corporations; we will play for both sides in turn.

The remedy is on an unprecedented rise. Many projects are in the works, and we believe that none of them will suffer in terms of quality, especially since CrossfireX is a little different from what the developers have done before. If you’re not interested in the story mode, CrossfireX is also a team-based shooter most similar to CS:GO.

There are two opposing teams, and the competition takes place in different modes. For example, one group is armed only with knives, but staying motionless player gets invisibility. The game comes exclusively on consoles from Microsoft, multiplayer mode is accessible, and the storyline campaign will have to buy separately or issue a subscription to Xbox GamePass. You can visit the site to view a more comprehensive selection of different entertainment online.


“Skyrim in space,” “Skyrimfield,” “Skyrim with guns,” and whatever else Bethesda Game Studios’ new game has been called. The most surprising thing is that Todd Howard himself gives this characteristic to the game.

Some elements of the studio’s past games will indeed be in the new project; for example, the skill system will move from the Ancient Scrolls. Because of the long-awaited – Starfield will be the first game on the studio’s new engine, Creation Engine 2. But don’t get too excited; the vertical movement system (stairs), still a lost technology even for Bethesda’s new engine. Now the game is most striking for its scale, and it will have about 150 thousand lines of dialogue. For example, in Fallout 4, there were 111 thousand, and in TES V: Skyrim – 60 thousand. Note that a professional voice actor can record at best 300 lines of dialogue in one four-hour shift.

Even if Starfield turns out to be “just Skyrim in space,” we won’t be too upset. A beloved adventure in a new setting, what could be better!

God of War: Ragnarök  

The final part of the Scandinavian adventures of the Greek god of war should be truly epic. Ragnarök is coming, the end of the gods, and Atreus must be one of the key figures in this event. In addition to the augmented combat system, the game will finally feature all Nine Worlds, including Asgard, the home of Odin. The old locations will be transformed; it’s Fimbulwinter, the lake of Nine is frozen, and we will move through it now on a dog sled.

Gameplay-wise, the game won’t be much different from the 2018 game. Still, oddly enough, many loved the relaunch for the talented story of the relationship between the son and the wordy and grumpy father. The first Scandinavian installment is coming to PC soon, and it’s an excellent opportunity to refresh your memory of the story with updated graphics or experience the series for the first time. We do not doubt that sooner or later, God of War: Ragnarök will also be released on PC.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 

The events of this game occur in the Batman: Arkham universe. A supervillain captures the minds of the people of Earth, and the members of the Justice League fall under his influence. Amanda Waller gathers the Suicide Squad and sends them out to massacre former superheroes.

You can play the game alone or with three other friends. The gameplay looks like Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive from the first shots. Nevertheless, the credibility of Rocksteady Studios is exceptionally high, and it will be a shame if the authors of the Batman: Arkham trilogy give away another “Avengers.”

Christopher Stern

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